J-STARS Victory Vs - Opening/Intro: Fighting☆Stars!

My childhood japanese heros of Sonen Jump all in one games, and it's 3D.

Working in a japanese studio, for now I understand why there are little 3d japanese animation except Final Fantansy. Japanese style don't care about the real world of light, volume, environments, reallife movement...For them, these elements are supplementary for one important reason: did these heros look cute? cute big eyes, cute coiffure, cute costumes, cute outlines, cute poses.. and even cute highlight, cute shadow, cute colors, cute dirty texture..

I did mistake that the japaneses must not like 3D. But in fact, Japanese studios works on 3D applications even for 2D film and create exactly their manga style. That's awesomes. There are no question about 2D or 3D in Japan, just the cute art and design, the japanese style.


Function of art?

The first cover is my concept. I want to show to everyone how interesting and how great what Einstein had discovered about physics, through a curious and complex schematic.

The second  is the printed version of the editor. I found that the text is too huge, as if all they did care about was the famous name of the author.

Some people just care about the function of applied art more than art itself. From this point their designs become "functional" and uninteresting. If I have to give an advice to a student of applied art, it will be "think of art and love it before you apply it to any function".