The meets of art and science ^_^

Finally my works for this science book of  "Laboratoire physique thermique de l'ESPCI" are published.

It's helpful taking a step back to better analyse what I did. Besides the works of  preparing the stage, camera, lighting, the gelatines' moulding.., the really precious thing was the idea behind all those things: use science to make art.

Inside the laboratory of miss Madeleine, the stage was in fact the cover of the rheometer, the gelatine was reserved for the current experiments projects, the colorants came from the Japanese laboratory of monsier Katsuyoshi, and all the final forms of the gelatine was made with the experiment tools.

Looking at the way the colors are blended, the basic geometries are composed and enjoying the light play on the translucent property of the gelatin,,. I call that's the meets of art and science.